Silly Headlines

Whenever I log in to Yahoo! Mail, there is a selection of the day’s “Top Stories” in headline form. They’re clearly designed to be intriguing ((Ultimately so that they can increase their ad revenue.)) and they sometimes make me laugh:

Balls in paedophile checks U-turn

I don’t know why I found that funny. Maybe it was the presence of “balls” and “paedophile” in the same sentence.

This one, however, just struck me as being stupid:

Op Lets People Upgrade Their Eyes To HD

It says that people can now have an operation which will give them better than 20/20 vision, which they call “HD vision”. Leaving aside the inapplicability of the term “HD” to eyes, it follows that if people can fully appreciate HD videos (which I think we can), then we already have better than HD vision!

It’s just silly.

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