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Yesterday I was reading some people’s Tumblogs, and it was so easy to create my own that I did so almost without realising it.

My Tumblr is called “Tasty Explosion” for no other reason than because I want to be a conformist. At the moment, it is set up to display my tweets, along with links and summaries of posts from Wilf’s Blog. I’ll also use it to post photos from my Flickr account, as well as videos/photos/text/links that I will post with very limited commentary. I find so much stuff on the internet which I’d like to share, and now I finally have the time and enthusiasm to do it. I didn’t want to overly clutter this blog (which I like to think is a bit more serious) so I created my Tumblr account.

The most likely scenario, however, is that I’ll lose interest after a week or two when I exhaust my initial supply of material.

I also changed the RSS feed on my blog to go through Feedburner. This allows me to get reading statistics and to embed adverts into the feed. This site is supposed to be supported through ad revenue. The idea is that I show adverts – on my blog in the sidebar and in my RSS feed – and that interested readers would click through to an advertiser’s site if they would like to know more. When this happens, I receive a payment from Google, who in turn is paid by the advertiser. I strongly discourage anyone from clicking adverts for the sake of it or without genuine interest.

So if anyone is subscribed to my blog, I would appreciate it if you swapped to the new feed. I understand if you don’t want to – and I won’t force you to use it.

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