Cold Snap

I’ve just watch the 20th episode of the 3rd season of Heroes. It was a decent episode; the special effects were stunning, but it felt more like a setting up post for future plot lines. Several heroes had changes to their powers, and two people died. After having just watch 4 seasons of BSG, nothing is going to sadden me that much, but I was particularly fond of one of the characters.

This was Bryan Fuller’s first proper episode back – I think he was the main writer of this one. There’s one lingering problem that I have with Heroes now, though: it’s too big. Unfortunately, with such an expensive and time consuming program, there is no scope for increasing episode output, and cutting down on characters and storylines would damage the show too much.

Maybe it has just come before its time. Maybe they’ll find a way of going much deeper. I, for one, will keep watching to see if it becomes all that it can. Even though it’s far from its potential, it’s still one of the best shows on TV.


Slight footnote: I love Daphne. She’s so cool. If her idea of the perfect evening is to sit on the rooftops of Paris, watching over the city and the Eiffel Tower, and then flying off to the Moon… awesome ((Not a word I use lightly!))!

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