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Last week, the weather was really nice. It was still only half-way through March, yet the Sun was out and warm on the skin, and the clouds were gone. The only things that destroyed the illusion of summer was the lack of leaves on the trees, and the lower temperature of course (though you couldn’t tell that from the inside). There was even an Augustine haze in the sky.

So what did I decide to do? Hey, don’t give me that look, so I may have given the game away in the title: I gardened. My mother and I thought it would be a good idea to plant something to make the garden look a bit nicer. It is predominantly gravel, so we chopped a bit off the side to create a border, perhaps 50 cm wide.

The soil beneath the gravel was rather shit, so we decided to get some compost. Now, I think this is great – you can go up to the recycling centre and whilst dropping off your empty bottles, you can pick up a bit of compost for the garden on the way out. The council here collects garden waste, and I always wondered where it went. Into the ground? To farms? Well, it turns out that they give a bit of it back, to us.

That’s the sort of recycling that I really like.

Once we got the compost, it was a laborious task of digging it all into the soil, and preparing the border for planting, which I did at the weekend (when there was even nicer weather).

I’ve planted potatoes, garlic, spring onions, onions, beetroot and lettuce. Let’s see what grows!

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