A note about some small changes which I’ve made to this website recently.

  • I’ve installed Flattr after Murray recommended it. I’ll go into more detail on my thoughts about Flattr – and I might even start actively using it – when I’m back home for the summer.
  • I’ve changed the page navigation bar which sits at the bottom of the header. For too long it had a bug which annoyed me every time I tried to use it. My CSS was at fault, but I’ve fixed it now and made some slightly changes to its appearance.
  • I’ve added a couple of extra pages whilst removing some others.
    • There is now just a single About page, which combines the previous “About/Who?”, “What?”, “Where?” and “Why?” pages.
    • I’ve reworded some of the titles of other pages.
    • I’ve totally redone my Favourite Posts page. I looked back through my archives and listed my favourites from each year. I’m really pleased with how some of my writing has turned out. I’m not embarrassed by all of it!
    • I’ve added a page which will list posts in my travelling series, for easy access. It’s going to be an epic.
  • I’ve tried to optimise my WordPress installation a little.
  • I’ve added Gravatar support to comment threads. Finally, some humanity and personality down there. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.
  • I’ve removed Adsense adverts from my RSS feeds and one permanent ad from my French page. I now only have one place with ads, down at the bottom-right of the sidebar. That will probably go soon, too.
  • I’ve changed some of the typefaces used in the theme. However, only Mac users will feel the full benefit.
    • The main body text and a few other things still are set in Helvetica, or Arial as the fall-back.
    • The blog title and individual post titles are now set in ‘Capitals‘.
    • Sub-headings and some other things are set in ‘Didot‘. I love this.
    • For you poor people without these typefaces, you can make do with the fall-backs, which include Times New Roman. Sorry guys, I bet it looks awful.
    • Here’s how the top of a post should look:Screenshot

Further improvements?

  • I think I’ll also remove all French-language elements from the interface. They’re silly, I know.
  • I will probably change the header image, or even have a randomly rotating set of header images like Murray does.
  • I need to introduce consistency into my typeface usage – some areas of the blog still use the old scheme.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions of your own.

P.S. I’m considering getting an entirely new theme, but I probably can’t be bothered with the effort. This one’s good enough, right?

UPDATE: I’ve also changed the favicon of the site to be a picture of me.

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