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Dave & Mike on RockSoc

I have a treat for you. [Click to play]

In the final few days of last semester, Misters Dave Brankin, the JSA ((Junior Semester Abroad. Dave was here for only one semester, September till December 2010.)) student of Chicago, and Mike Irving, the loveable postgrad from Vancouver ((From near to Vancouver, anyway.)), hosted an hour-long show on the University of St Andrews’ radio station, STAR ((St Andrews Radio.)).

It was the RockSoc’s slot in the broadcast schedule, so for their show Dave and Mike played some rock music from bands close to their hearts, such as Mother Mother, Pearl Jam and Wilco. The result was a mainly Canadian mix of sounds, but it was surprisingly not bad and even listen-to-able, in my opinion. Of course, YMMV. The best bit for me, however, was listening to my friends having a great time ((I miss Dave, and I’ll miss Mike when he leaves St Andrews later this year. So much.)).

I recorded the show ((Using a trial version of Ambrosia Software’s WireTap Studio. It worked beautifully.)), and here I make it available to download for your enjoyment:

Dave & Mike are pro.

[mp3 link, 1 hour at 60MB] – Right-click the link and choose to save it wherever you want.

I want to add a little bit in my defence before you listen to this. At some point you may or not hear my name mentioned in conjunction with David Gray’s. Please do not regard my request seriously. It was a joke, well, an in-joke/reference, that I hoped would elicit a slight chuckle of remembrance from the hosts, and perhaps a recounting of our epic Freshers’ Week Centurion ((The best way to bond.)). Sadly this didn’t happen.

Let Dave and Mike know what you thought of it, if you know them.

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