Asides, Twitter


Twitter is quite funny tonight ((I think these people are all black themselves, so it’s not racist.)):

@EbbyLaCoyunique #uknowurblackwhen when u make it home exactly at curfew cu u know ya mother gunna whip ya asss

@SoRichYung #uknowurblackwhen u late to a… shit EVERYTHING & #uknowurblackwhen u borrow ur neighbors VCR

@aventuraa #uknowurblackwhen you take offense when a white person asks is your fav fruit watermelon.

@SammieO2 #uknowurblackwhen …chicken, watermelon & grape soda are the top 3 things on ya cook-out list!! hahaha!

@Cavalette23 #uknowurblackwhen Fried chicken, watermelon, pepsi, and sock -it- to- me cake is your favorite meal.

@lndongnyam #uknowurblackwhen u drink everything straight out the carton or bottle & put it back in the fridge. Why buy cups? LOL

@itsillmatic #uknowurblackwhen when you’re name got all types of unnecessary letters in it.

Also, check out @lndongnyam‘s background:

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