Battlestar Galactica: Complete



In the time since I last wrote about watching BSG, I have seen the whole third and fourth seasons. There is so much to talk about: so many spoilers to squeal about, so many developments to consider, so many philosophical points to take in – as well as a whole lotta AWESOME to deal with.

This weekendm I watched the series finale, and I really want to write about it. I really do. But I can’t. I need more time. I’ve not finished processing everything yet, I’m still connecting dots and I’m still forming my opinions about every part of the show. I’ve watched it for almost 90 episode (in the short space a month and a half)… and now it’s done. Finished. It’s not coming back ((Except for the TV movie, The Plan.)).

Oh – there’s also the problem that once I start writing about it, I’m not going to stop, at least not until I’ve written several thousand words. There’s so much that I want to say; you may not like it, but BSG will be featured prominently here for the next little while.

Keep an eye out.

UPDATE: I’ve even watched The Plan now, so it really is over. Sad.

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