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Ray CUMfort

OMG, what a failure this man is. Ray’s off to his home country of New Zealand, and whilst he’s there he’s going to be taking part in a debate “on the subject of evolution”.

This is his “outline”:

  1. An atheist is someone who believes nothing created everything. If he denies that and believes that “something” created everything, he’s not an atheist.
  2. Man can’t create a grain of sand from nothing. How intellectually dishonest is it then to say that there was no Intelligent Designer?
  3. Where did females come from (in every species)?
  4. Which came first? The blood, the heart or the blood vessels?
  5. There are variations within species, but no species to species transitional forms in the fossil record.
  6. God made Archaeopteryx with teeth and a tail. It’s a bird, not a dinosaur. He made many weird animals. There’s a huge mouse with a pocket in its front that hops all over Australia, horses with stripes, weird desert animals with humps on their backs . . . and He made some birds with teeth.

Yup, he’s at it again: being a complete idiot. He doesn’t know the first thing about evolution. What a twat.

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