Did You Spot The Gorilla?

All of the books from my large order have arrived, and for starters¬† I read “Did You Spot the Gorilla?”¬† by Richard Wiseman.

It’s a fairly good book. Short, but good. It attempts to make you more aware of things that are going on, with a nice spattering of psychology interspersed with tests (most of which take you take part in unwittingly). Obviously, these tests only exist to prove JUST HOW MUCH OF A BLIND IDIOT YOU REALLY ARE, but seeing as you’re reading a psychology book, you expect it.

The trouble is, there’s no way that this book will have changed my perspective on life and opportunites. One: it’s too short, reading it didn’t make an impact (just a couple of hours), so I’ll probably forget it, and two: I don’t even care.

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