After being linked to them hundreds of times by the likes of Merlin and Gruber, I listened to some of Dan Benjamin’s podcasts. And then I listened to some more, because he cranks out some pretty good shows.

Dan set up 5by5 as the home for his podcasts, and now he runs it as his full time job. Jealous? No, but I’m pleased that such a thing is possible on the internet ((Especially in the current economic climate. LOL.)). I’m a TWiT boy fo’ life, but there’s nothing stopping me from being a 5by5 guy too, is there?

He’s got about a dozen shows, of which I’ve tried three so far ((And by tried, I mean I’ve caught up on every episode and now listen to them as they are released every week.)).

Dan’s main, general/a bit geeky, show is The Conversation, a talk show where he’s the host of various different guests every week.

Then there’s The Pipeline, where each week Dan interviews one person (always from the tech world, it seems) about their life and how they do stuff. One of my favourite episodes of The Pipeline is Episode 22 with Adam Lisagor. I love Adam and if you don’t, you will soon. If you fancy trying out some of these new podcasts that I’m recommending, start with this episode.

And then there’s The Talk Show, where he talks about tech with John Gruber for over an hour every week.

The thing that makes all these shows good is that they’re – for the most part – intelligent, and that’s all I ask for in a podcast ((Except You Look Nice Today, which just has to be funny.)).

That’s all for now; go and check them out.

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