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We’re going through changes

I don’t think I can top my previous extremely exciting post, so I’m not even going to try. Instead, have a treat: a new look for my blog.

Clearly I’ve not done much. I’ve adjusted the alignments of various sections and I’ve changed a few colours around, and that’s about it. I hated the old dark grey background – I don’t know why I ever chose it – so I’ve gone back to something closer to the original design of the template.

Without the dark background, the light header was just too much. White and light greys everywhere? That’s just cruel. To add some colour to the page, I’ve put a picture in the header again. I’ve never had a header image in this template, but in the blog’s previous incarnations it was something I liked to have. However, it’s very hard to choose the right image so I never got round to it. I’ve quickly chosen a picture of Milly that I took on boxing day last year (UPDATE: this picture is no longer available), because I like it and I the colours go well with my blog’s colour scheme – particularly the blues which match the colour of my links. I’ll be on the lookout for a better image, or I could do what Murray does and rotate randomly through a large selection. We’ll see.

One last thing – I actually added the picture of my new glasses to the header! Jesus fuck! I wrote a line of code so that my new glasses show one third of the time, and my old glasses show the other two thirds of the time. That’s because I have one pair of my new glasses but two of my old ones, and I wear them equally.

And that’s about it. I like it.

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