I was reading an article a week or two ago, and it made me finally realise something for the first time: we are not just born on the Earth, we’re born of the Earth.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about what it means to be an Earthling for a while, but I haven’t. I think it’s so fucking cool that I am part of the Earth. Usually, I off-handedly think of the Earth as something separate from life, something dead. But no, everything that’s living ((Everything that’s living and is on the Earth. Who knows how many other races there are on different worlds. Korendians, anybody?)) What am I? I am the Earth!

We often talk about Earth as being our home, which it is, but it’s more than just the place that we live. It’s what we’re made out of – it’s what we are. An analogy between a house and the Earth can’t catch that second bit. That second bit is like the relationship between a tree and a chair if the chair lived on the tree.

The Earth has transformed itself from a lump of rock into a whole living ecosystem – including you and me. We might have only been here for a few decades, but for all the Earth cares, we’re the same old atoms that have been orbiting the Sun as a planet for billions of years.

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