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À Grenoble

Hello Internet,

I would have told you this sooner but I am away. I’ve had very strong feelings about this trip, and I knew I would and I wanted to record my state of mind throughout the course of planning and then doing my little InterRail trip.

Right now I’m in Grenoble. I wish I could post pictures but I don’t think I can; the surrounding mountains are amazing. Grenoble’s called the ‘capital of the Alps’ in France, and rightly so. I hope tomorrow is better, but today the city is infested with thunderstorms, with huge bolts of lightning reaching down from the mountain tops. And it’s raining.

I was amazed by the TGV. My previous train high speed has been 125mph. 186mph is quite a jump (though the train that I was on, a TGV duplex, has managed over 350mph. That’s more than half as fast as a commercial aeroplane. 2:55 from Paris to Grenoble with no stops; though the majority of the distance was covered in 2 hours

I’m going on 2 more TGVs, and then the Eurostar. Trains are awesome.

Paris was very Parisien, but I was left with a bad taste. That I’ll maybe elaborate upon that more, later.

I’m much more impressed by this youth hostel in Grenoble. It’s quite far out, yes, but it’s much friendlier and seems more secure. Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi and an iMac G3 available for use

PS. I’m keeping a (personal) diary so that I don’t forget anything. Also I’m in the bar having a few drinks right now.

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