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My Aunt and Uncle are away on holiday, so I’m going to help walk their dogs over the next few mornings.

It’s means I’ve got to catch an early bus, but apart from that I’m looking forward to exploring somewhere new. I’ve spent time out there before, though almost always with someone else, and always with something to get back for. But tomorrow, and Tuesday and Wednesday, I can take the dogs out in whatever direction I please, for however long I want and at whatever pace I choose. It’ll just be Milly and Nina, and me and my thoughts.

And my camera.

The only thing that could spoil my fun would be the rain. It would ruin it. Being a casual walker, I can choose to stay in when it’s cold and wet. You don’t have that freedom when you have dogs – you have to go out and there’s not much you can do to change that. It’s no fun walking in the rain. It’s cold and miserable and you can’t enjoy yourself and your surroundings ((It’s particularly annoying when you wear glasses, the rain collects like on a windscreen and needs wiping off to let you see properly.)).

Today it rained for the first time in months ((I’m probably wrong about this, but I think that, snow aside (which we had a lot of), it’s not rained since the beginning of winter.)). Oh dear.

UPDATE: I’m looking after them all day Friday as well.

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