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Fear Teh WiBuLog!

Alright I’m going to try and write in the daytime for once.

Last time I wrote about WiBu I had some criticism about his blog and what I felt was his restrictive desire for perfection. Whether or not that was true, WiBu has since relaunched a much-improved, as a series of ‘WiBuLogs’. That’s not to say that his deleted content ((I still have a copy of it. Once something’s on the internet it stays there… forever. ;))) was bad, but, judging by the number of posts, his setup is now much more successful at getting his thoughts down (which is the whole point after all).

These ‘WiBuLogs’ are like Twitter feeds, only not limited to 140 characters ((A limitation which I do quite like.)). Each one spans a month. His posts are concise ((Something I’ve yet to learn how to do.)) and, best of all, there doesn’t seem to be a single mention of the process behind it – it’s not another blog about blogging ((I try and avoid blogging about blogging but I realise I do, including the first line of this post.)). It’s his thoughts, and his thoughts only ((I can appreciate the lack of commenting.)), and it’s to some of those thoughts I want to respond today.

I find it striking how often WiBu and I are think about the same things. It probably because we visit the same websites and so read about the same topics, and also I think we’re just pretty similar.

Here are some of WiBu’s posts:

21/02/2010 21:20 GMT:

Seems like I’m a fan of ideas and theories rather than realisations.

Although I do like ‘realisations’, I agree, and that’s why I’m going to do a degree in pure maths rather than something like applied maths or even just general maths. Some people think that pure maths is a bullshitty subject, and instead I should do something like computer science or even just applied maths; something with a practical use. You could use the same logic to argue that one should study technology and engineering rather than science. Just because you’re looking at maths in a way that’s not focused on practical results doesn’t mean that there aren’t uses or that there won’t be in the future.

21/02/2010 22:03 GMT:

I will never shave with a razor again.

Never have liked the clean/close cut shave feeling.

I’m totally the opposite. Although I don’t particularly enjoy shaving – I often cut myself on spots, it takes too long and it sometimes leaves a rash – I can’t stand having more than a few days’ growth on my face. I find myself constantly playing with it, it itches and it makes my face feel hot ((As hair should.)). If I leave it much longer it looks shit; I’m still 18 and it’s still developing. Maybe I’ll grow my facial hair in a year or two, and just brave out the ‘sharp’ stage.

FYI, I also like my hair short, number 6. It’s nearly 5 weeks since I last had a hair cut and I think I’m due another.

25/02/2010 17:20 GMT:

I’d happily live forever. I’m slightly annoyed that my time as a concious being is limited to 100 or so years.

I don’t know. I don’t like either alternative. 100 years is too short in any case.

I often wonder if it would be possible for a life form to live ‘forever’ ((The universe is most likely not going to last forever, but it will still have an unimaginably long life.)). Living forever has no significant reproductive advantage ((As far as I can tell.)), so it would not be naturally selected for, but what about with artificial selection? Is there some physical limit or not?

06/03/2010 14:53 GMT:

It annoys me how the world (well, the world I seem to live in) has been designed around the mobility granted by the car.

Tell me about it. I’ve been a cyclist for as long as I could cycle; we never had a car when I was growing up in England. The world shouldn’t be focused the most dangerous, polluting, noisy and lazy method of transport.

08/03/2010 18:27 GMT:

I don’t understand why we celebrate birthdays. Why wait for a certain date to celebrate your life?

I was thinking the same thing just a few days before. I don’t really celebrate my birthday. Of course I accept any presents I’ve been given and eat the cake, but that’s it. Last year, on my 18th, I was on a train for most of the day and spent the evening being ill. There’s nothing special about that particular date to me.

09/03/2010 23:28 GMT:

Looking into the sky at night, particularly if you’re lucky enough to live in an area free of light pollution, is a humbling experience.

It really is. I’ve written about this before and I’ll write about it again.

11/03/2010 19:03 GMT:

I never used to make what was supposed to be made with Lego or K’nex.

Me neither. I was particularly fond of bridges, tunnels and houses.

There’s a whole lot more and I hope WiBu continues posting his thoughts. I look forward to them. Definitely worth reading.

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