This Evening

I want to share a photo from this evening.

If you’ve ever looked at my Flickr Photostream, then you’ll know I like to take pictures from my bedroom. They’re for a later project, or at least for later reference.

I noticed some particularly pink clouds around sunset, so I grabbed my camera and took several shots through the window. I spent a little while stitching them together to give a more life-like, wide-angle view1, and this is the result:

You don't know what you're missing.

It’s not the most exciting view, plus I’ve not even caught it at its best2, but I like my view and I think I’m lucky to have it3.

I has everything I’d want: no people looking back, few buildings, a couple of hills4 with colourful mixed woodland, and – most importantly – a huge sky.

In the sky I can see passenger planes flying high and low jets from Leuchars. I can see clouds rolling in from the coast or tumbling into the valley from the south. At night I have a clear view of the stars5, and I can watch the Sun and the full Moon rise6.

It’s not rare, but it’s special.

  1. As you can’t tell I’m not a pro but perfection wasn’t the point. Does anyone know any software that does this automatically? []
  2. The Sun had set too far, impressively illuminating the clouds but leaving the ground in shadow. It’s also winter. []
  3. And I only have it for a short while longer. []
  4. Kinnoull Hill is on the left and Moncreiffe Hill is on the right. []
  5. Unobstructed, but polluted by those streetlamps and the glow of Perth. []
  6. Because it looks towards the east. []

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