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Jon Swift

From Balloon Juice:

The blogger who posted as the always hilarious Jon Swift has died.

He had so many funny posts that it is hard to choose one, but this take-down of Mark Noonan ranks near the top.

I started reading RSS feeds1 when I downloaded NetNewsWire 1.0 for iPhone. To fill my greatly expanded reading appetite that I soon developed, I explored the blogrolls of those sites which I already read. Many of them linked to Jon Swift.

The Jon Swift blog has lain dormant for quite a while, but when Al was posting I thought he was producing some of the best satire on the internet. I think sticking to his conservative persona really paid off – only after his death was his identity revealed2. I remember lying on a recliner in the hot Nice Sun, sipping a cool drink and reading Jon Swift on my iPod between dips into the pool. It’s how life should be3.

Maybe my memory of the blog is distorted by my holiday memories, so I’m going to re-read the archive in full. I think I’m going to appreciate it even more this time4.

Anyway. I always feel sad when someone I know dies, particularly the young. As well as the loss of5 a beloved blog, it’s also a reminder of my own mortality. Death’s a strange thing and we all learn to deal with it in our own ways, but I feel that, at 18, I’m still largely untouched by death. Even though I have only one surviving grandparent (and her brother died last week),I’ve never been to a funeral. I don’t think I’ve yet felt the grief of losing someone close to me.

How long can it last?

  1. Just after the debut of the iTunes app store. []
  2. By his mother! []
  3. I was even happier when I discovered that the local mall had Wi-Fi, so I could get the newest posts straight to my iPod. Heaven. []
  4. I’m older, more knowledgeable. []
  5. In this case, anyway. []

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