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Maiden Speech

That’s the polite way to put it; “Virgin Speech” is probably a bit too much down at the Club. First Speech would do me just fine.

It’s not the first speech I’ve ever given – it won’t even be my first time speaking to the club (fourth actually) – but I’ll be speaking formally at Perth Speakers Club for the first time ((It also happens to be the first time I’ve worked to a deadline since I left school. I’ve managed it well, although I did feel a few twinges of procrastination.)).

I’m happy with my speech; I spent a long time writing it and then an even longer time refining it. I’ve spent a large part of today practising it. I didn’t need to memorise it, but I did. Mostly.

UPDATE: It went well, thanks for asking. It was well received and I got some useful criticism. As always, I felt I was better when practising, but then again some bits did improve in front of the audience. It was definitely a speech and not an essay which I just read; for that reason I’m not going to post it here. It just wouldn’t work.

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