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My Future Home

It’s almost been a year since I was last in France, in Paris. I was there with my Advanced Higher French class, and I loved it. The food, the buildings, the shops ((I’m not sure if I want to say ‘the people’. Maybe.)), and the wonderful feeling it gave me. When I was in Paris, I felt like I was in a city from my dreams, or a city I’d imagined long ago whilst reading a book. It was new and exciting, but still familiar.

Maybe time has sweetened my memories, maybe I’ve been looking at my photos too much ((I’m getting some photos printed online, and I thought it would be a good idea to get a poster too. I looked through my photos and found 3 that I took from the Eiffel Tower looking east. After a lot of work stitching them together, the resulting image turned out quite well – except for the sky which I’m not totally happy with; I had to remove the original. I’ve put a small version below. My copy is about 7000px wide.)), but before I even got to my hotel, I knew that I’d live in Paris one day.

I hope I’m right.

Paris looking east from the Eiffel Tower 3

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