Strange Spam Comment

A few weeks ago I received a strange comment which was caught by my spam filter which I found interesting. Read it.


Mr Kimble


Hello Wilf Wilson,
I have been following your blog for a long time. I think we should meet up and have talk long time for fun and such other things I think it would be a good thing and you could bring your big friend along because we could spam lunch in his beard and eat him after we are tired from walking up mountains like we do at the weekends and we can fish for food because your friend will die and be eated and we can go to london because the queen lives in london and you know the queen because you are really english adn not scottish we know this because you have said and what you have said is the truth without any doubt.

Unless spam computers are developing intelligence and a sense of humour and have started making typos, then I think this must be some sort prank. After all, I do have a big bearded friend, I do walk up mountains and I am actually an Englishman living in Scotland. What do you think?

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