travelling, but not in love

travelling, but not in love is one of my favourite blogs on the whole intertubes. I’ve been reading it for several months, and it’s one of only a very few blogs which I must read as soon as it’s updated.

The story is pretty simple, and nothing particularly special. It’s the personal blog of an English gay guy who lives in Paris and happens to do a fair bit of travelling. See, that wasn’t too complicated was it?

Even though I do have an interest in all things French, it’s the way that he writes that keeps me coming back. He’s funny and clever. There’s an intriguing air of mystery ((Though his anonymity is of course very understandable.)). Then there’s also the fact that he’s just a really good writer.

Even with the most boring subjects, a great writer can make anything a joy to read. In my opinion, tnbil is such a blogger, and I really hope he continues to blog (and one day finds love).

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