You Look Nice Today

You Look Nice Today is the funniest podcast on the Internet. I really mean that.

It features 3 guys: @lonelysandwich, @scottsimpson and @hotdogladies, and they talk. They just talk and they’re fucking hilarious. Whenever a new episode comes out, I download and listen to it immediately – usually on the way to school. If you ever see me laughing out loud whilst listening to my iPod, the chances are that I’m listening to YLNT.

When I first found the podcast a last year, I had no choice but to listen to every single episode. These guys deserve a medal.

A few of its funniest phrases – these make me laugh out loud every time I hear them:

  • Baby on a dog.
  • Blue sky solutioneering.
  • Take it and turn it.

Also, I fucking love Scott’s voice – it’s just perfect for his humour and delivery. If you don’t know what I’m on about, then get out of my sight until you have listened to every episode. NOW.

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