Take Back NYU

This is a fucking disgrace.

At New York University, a bunch of spoilt naive twats have staged a 2-day long protest against the way that their university is run. Read all about it. It wasn’t a peaceful protest though, they “stormed” the building, causing damage and injury. It really is pathetic.

Ames at Submitted to a Candid World has a couple of very good articles about the situation with TBNYU, with this nice summary of the ridiculousness:

American South, 1960s: brave black Americans refuse to budge from segregated restaurants, risking injury, imprisonment, and death to stand for equality. China, 1989: college students take to the streets, many giving their lives to stand for democracy. Iran, 1999: college students riot, risking their lives to stand against theocracy. Manhattan, 2009: privileged white college students risk a slap on the wrist to stand for… a look at the school budget, and redress for self-inflicted wounds.

What more is there to be said? These people have lost their way(s?).

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