I had quite a good dream last night. I went down to London with some people from school on the train. Largely they weren’t people that I knew, but somehow I knew that they were from school.

When I got to London, I went around on the tube for a while. Somehow I had my bike with me, so I locked it up in a station and carried on. Then I was on my own for a while and I went round London. This isn’t any London that exists in reality, though I have been to this place before in my dreams. There are landmarks in my dreams – London Kings Cross, for example – but they’re only similar to the real ones in name.

We were leaving London from Euston station, and in a big courtyard there was a bunch of us school folk meeting up before going. At this point I remember emailing myself on my iPod (when I woke up, I checked my inbox. Nothing :(). Just prior to that, I had been behind the station somehow, and it happened to be a scrapyard with chopped up train bits. My brother and his boss were there, and somehow George was there (for the only time in my dream). Will couldn’t get a motor to work, and then we left.

However, on arriving in this courtyard next to Kings Cross (which doesn’t exist in real life), I realised that I had left my bike in the station, but I didn’t know which one. I headed west with someone, and almost immediately London opened up into just a mass of two-storey council houses. We came to the end of the road and it was just a massive cliff, perhaps 3 or 4 hundred metres high – something that you might find on an x hypen treme computer game like Half-Life 2. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to take some photos, so I did. I spotted the station where my bike was at the bottom of the cliff, and I started down the spiral stairs to take me down.

And then I woke up.

Note: there was another large section to my dream before all of this, but I can’t seem to remember it.

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