Heroes: Volume IV

Last week, Heroes returned.

You know my thoughts about Heroes already. To my mind, the first season was great: it had original ideas, very good writing, and there was just a certain overall good feeling to the show. Then came season 2, which was shit, and now we’re onto the third season. The first half (Volume 3) was alright, but it was nothing special (except episode 4 where they went to the future, that’s one of my favourite hours of TV ever – they should have carried on in that style).

The episode that was just on marked the beginning of Volume 4. I think the main problem of the second season, and partly with the third, has been an overabundance of characters. That, and shit writing of course. How can you expect to tell a good story if even the main characters get less than 10 minutes of air time a week? Bollocks. However, if this first episode of Volume 4 is anything to go by, then I think the show is headed in the right direction.

That’s all it needs: fewer characters, and a simpler storyline.

I’m tired.

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