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I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

NAZI style propoganda,
With such an interesting title I could’nt pass this one up. When I saw Mr. Turek speak online in one of his videos I thought he might have some creditals. Indeed on the back on this book it says he has some degrees. It was’nt until I went to his website that I found out he has no degrees in science. He has a degree in Christian apologetics and a masters in public administration. In other words he is nothing more than a motivational speaker. The book is anything but critical science. The author(s) bombard the reader with straw-man anologies, cherry-picking, circular logic, and “nazi type propoganda. I’m surprised Turek/Geisler did’nt offer a “final solution” to deal with the atheist problem.

It made me laugh anyway.

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