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Idiot Bastards!

Who am I talking about? The Scottish Government of course! They fail.

Amongst not doing anything useful to justify their existence, and pussying around making twat laws (mainly just restricting everything), they’ve decided that everyone who attends school has to do PE, up until leaving age (18).

This pathetic attempt to reduce obesity has only one logical reason – to provide jobs for all of those people who become PE teachers. It’s what all the failures at school do – Higher PE, followed by becoming a teacher or “sports leaders”. What twats. Now, with an excess, the Failment want to force us to endure their twattery.

So what will this entail? More teachers – more money. Less time to study important subjects – more failure. Proper teachers teaching less – wasted money. People who are actually fat and unhealthy – get out of it, simply by not turning up. It achieves nothing.
However, I’m not the sort to skive much. So, for 2 hours a week I will have to take time out of my Advanced Higher subjects in order to spend 10 minutes getting changed, 15 minutes standing in the cold in only shorts and t-shirt (because that’s all the fascist control freak bastards will let us do), a couple of minutes to actually get into teams and do a sport, and then another 10 minutes to get changed. It’s a waste of time.

I should note here that I am neither fat, unfit, unhealthy, nor even slightly enthusiastic about this change. Before, senior pupils didn’t have to do core PE, and I remember the joy when I had my “last” PE lesson ever – it was sheer bliss. But now my life is ruined.

I NEED to stop this breach of human rights. Any suggestions? I’m hoping that a note from parents will work, if not, I’ll maybe bribe my teacher. But of course that would be immoral.

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