I Love 24 So Much

But I feel that there aren’t many seasons left in it, perhaps 2,3 or 4 more. Jack, getting older, is inevitably going to have to give up the commitment of a series every year. And, without Jack, 24 in its current form will just lose something that was vital to its success – an awesomely manly guy. I know how he’ll leave the show – sacrificing himself to save a friend, his daughter, a city, or even the country. Like an hero.

However I don’t know if 24 will ever truly die. Like Law & Order, currently on its 18th series, I think there will be spinoffs galore, its writers produce such gripping material that besides Jack Bauer, there will still be many more stories. And, with CTU now gone in series 7, perhaps more opportunities are being presented to the writers. I hope so. Now all that they need to do is to stop fucking striking! This week hopefully.

Oh, and next season, Tony had better not die. Surely he will have a good and forgiveable reason, won’t he?

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