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The Joy of Nature

At least once in a while, a day comes along which knocks you on your ass. Yesterday was such a day.

Bastard from a basket

All week the sea had been rough, but to begin with it was accompanied by high winds and low, rainy clouds. It’s no coincidence that the most dramatic aspects of nature are often the most inhospitable ones. The conditions weren’t good for sitting out and appreciating the waves – but yesterday everything was perfect. The sea was just as violent, yet the weather had cleared to one of those beautifully sunny autumn days that I always hope for.

I leave the maths building at 1pm on Wednesdays, but yesterday I wasn’t home until 3. I headed to the pier and marvelled at the awesome combination of rough sea, high tide, and sunshine. It was incredible.




Standard shot

Pew pew pew

After leaving the pier, I bumped into my housemate Adam who was sitting on a bench overlooking East Sands. I joined him. We sat together watching the sea for well over an hour, the surfers and the canoeists and the pier jumpers, a smile permanently fixed to our faces.



I like her hair

How could you not smile?

Then I went and cooked with my girlfriend.

The sea was calm today.

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I Am a Nerd

The popular understanding of what is it to be a ‘nerd’ is not right. I’m not saying that people are using the word differently than defined: I’m saying that I don’t think the current definition is quite what it should be. Google calls a nerd: “an intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession”. Wikipedia says: “Nerd is a term that refers to an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit”. My definition of nerdiness (which I believe I came to through Marco) is along the same lines. But it’s a bit simpler.

As far as I’m concerned, a nerd is simply someone who cares about something more than most other people. And you say nerds are nerdy about that particular thing.

You can be nerdy about computers, of course. You can be nerdy about roleplaying games. Obviously. But I also think you can be nerdy about trains and aeroplanes, about television, about music, about beer, about cider, about coffee, about cinema, about books. About just about anything.

I’m a huge nerd. It stems from the sort of personality I have (or the sort of personality that I am, if you like to think of things that way). I care about things. If somethings worth doing, it’s worth caring about doing it right. If I enjoy something, I want to get optimal enjoyment, so I find out the best way to do that. I care.

Nerds are the best kind of people.

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Craig has a Blog

It’s called kazistkrieg.

I like it when my friends start blogging, but few of them ever stick at it. Good luck Craig.

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It’s a Riot

This is not a funny post. I moved back to St Andrews a month ago and I’ve enjoyed just about every minute since. I love it here.

St Andrews Castle

So far, my second year at St Andrews has been very different from my first.

I’m now doing only maths modules; the maths is harder and there’s more of it. This semester I’m doing modules entirely in pure mathematics, which I think is great. Next semester will be more applied, but pure is where my heart is. I’m currently taking 3 modules: a 2nd year one called Algebra & Analysis, a 3rd year one about Linear Algebra and another 3rd year one, Complex Analysis. Good stuff.

I’m not sure which one is my favourite. I tend to attempt my real analysis tutorial sheets first, but that’s probably because those are the easiest. Complex analysis is probably my least favourite but it’s not overly complicated. I’m just not that keen on complex numbers and complex functions. That’s how it is.

Almost all of my sentences so far have begun with the word “I”, or something like it. I’m so self-centred. Well, fuck. I don’t care.

My class hours are much better this year too. In first year I had a lecture at 9am every day, and my final lecture would end at either 12/2pm in first semester, or 1/2pm in the second semester. This year I have only 2 lectures each day, and they’re back to back (in the same lecture theatre, no less). The first one of the day is at 11am, and the last is at 12pm. This year I can sleep in longer, but still finish by the same time in the afternoon. Boom.

I also have 5 other hours of classes each week (mainly tutorials) which I carefully scheduled for maximum coolness. That’s 15 hours of teaching per week, an average of 3 per day. That’s manageable. Homework takes much longer than that, of course. And not only is the work harder this year, there’s more of it too.

Me & Milly & Nina

As a result of my maths work and other things, I’m much busier. I spend far less time on my own doing whatever the hell I want.

For instance: I’m writing less on my blog. I’ve not been keeping in touch with my family as much as I’d like. And I’ve been walking a lot less. This one’s a real shame. And because I’ve been out and about less, I haven’t been taking as many photos.

I now manage the photography group at Albany Park, my halls of residence. It currently doesn’t mean a lot but I’m hoping to get people to come out and go on photo walks with me and I’ll get them excited about seeing and photographing awesome and beautiful things. Then we’ll see what happens. The first thing is on Saturday at 2pm.

This year I’m living with my friends. This is so much better than last year. I can watch The Sopranos with Adam whenever we want (although we’ve only managed to watch 7 episodes and 1 film in the month that we’ve been back. We’ve been busy.) We have one more episode to go until we’re on season 4. I love the Sopranos.

And I have a girlfriend.

Oh yeah, that. Pretty important part of my life right now. A+++ She’s been the The Top Idea in My Mind for a while now. That’s why I’ve not blogged about anything serious for a long time. Usually when I write, it’s about the thing which has been dominating my thoughts. It gets to the point that I feel a need to express myself, and I can do that through writing. Writing as therapy. It clears my head. A bit like a memory dump. And at the same time I try to make it as entertaining as possible.

But the thing that I’m spending all my time thinking about nowadays is a person. It’s private. What’s more: she might well read this. Knowing that anyone at all might read my blog makes me self-conscious, especially when I’m writing about something personal. Doubly so now. So I’d better not say the wrong thing. Or something I’ll regret. Or something overly sentimental. Or something all teenage-angsty. Because I’m not a teenager I’M IN MY TWENTIES ffs:



Anyway, some things this year are just the same: I’m spending lots of money on food, I’m boozing, I’m leaving laundry later than I should, and I’ve not been reading even slightly as much as I want to (zero books so far).

Next post will be less bullshitty.

Dusk on East Sands


Don’t judge.

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Going Back

I’m moving back to St Andrews tomorrow morning.

Beautiful sunset from the pier

I haven’t been this excited in years.