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So. Yep, that’s right, I just used the word ‘so’. Not only did I use it, I put it at the start of a fucking sentence! OMG. And it’s not even a proper sentence. Quick, get somewhere safe whilst the world ends!

But yes, even though I’m not supposed to use such words to start sentences, I’m doing it. Why? Because I’m a fucking rebel – that’s why. Ha! Authority: fuck you!

Well, (I thought a ‘well’ or two would go nicely here) on Friday I had my last exam of the Prelims. It was French speaking. Before you ask – it went alright-ly. It’s pretty much just a 10 minute discussion with my teacher. In French. Anyway, it’s meant that I’ve finally had some free time with nothing to be preparing for. On Saturday, I went out and played pool with my brothers, got home and had a good time. Then today I’ve been watching TV all day. I’ll be writing about that soon.

And I’m back to school tomorrow. I’d actually be looking forward to it if I wasn’t feeling so fucking ill. However, RAWR.

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