The wait since December has been a painful one. I was introduced to Heroes last summer, and such was its epicness that I watched the first season in 2 or 3 days. The mix of character building, action, suspense, excitement, special effects and all of the other nuancey things that go into making a TV show was perfect. Almost everyone agreed, and the ratings and reviews reflected this.

A month or so after I’d watched this first season, the second season started to air.

What a disaster. I’m sure you’re well aware of how painfully disappointing the strike-shortened season was. It had a lot of ambition, but it clearly failed to achieve this and to live up to its potential. There are so many things that I would have done differently had I been in charge, and that’s something I will probably write about sometime (at length). If the second season had been the first, it is unlikely I would have made it to through all 11 episodes.

But finally the show has return for its third season, and it’s looking good.

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